Why Become Members?

Government policies and priorities have a tremendous impact on the lives of students.

Elected representatives have direct influence over student financial aid, campus safety, recruitment and retention programs and almost every aspect of student life.  The strength in numbers that USSA possesses is unprecedented.  When schools big and small, no matter how active, get together, the resources and the political clout they have is enormous.

Governments, on any level ignore groups that pose no political threat or have no collective voice.  By mobilizing and uniting a powerful grassroots force of students all over the country, we build our power, develop leaders and engage in the political process.  Only by pooling our resources will students have the capability to effectively make their voice heard and win concrete victories!


3 Easy Steps to Becoming Members

USSA is a coalition of student governments and state student associations (SSA).

As such there are two types of membership within USSA, direct campus membership and SSA membership.

Membership for Both SSAs and Campuses Happen in Three Easy Steps.

  1. Contact the national office to notify them of your intent. You can reach USSA at: 202-640-6570 or
  2. Obtain the support of your governing body through a resolution or motion, or have students on your campus vote through referenda stating their intent to join
  3. Secure the resources necessary and pay the dues for your respective institution. Membership dues for campuses are based on the population of that campus and start at $.50/student for the first year and $1 in the subsequent years. Membership dues for SSAs are 2.5% of their annual operating budget the first year of membership and 5% of their annual operating budget every year after.

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